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Social Media Marketing Programs

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CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC can help you develop low-cost, effective publicity and social marketing strategies that leverage much of your existing marketing and PR mix.

"Instead of asking them to watch, to listen, to play,
to passively consume,

the race is on to GET them to CREATE,
to produce, and
to participate."

Social Media Marketing consultingThe most successful social media campaigns contain if not all, then most, of the following attributes:

  1. Utilization of common consumer behavior and motivation;
  2. Effortless, enthusiast posts;
  3. Inclusionary—Accomodates all types and sizes of target audiences;
  4. Some form of give-away—from free information to sample products; and
  5. Others' resources:
    In other words, a successful social marketing campaign uses the consumers' time and efforts to spread the word to their contact lists and uses pre-existing affiliate programs on other websites. In fact, a social media campaign should not only allow but encourage consumers to embed your clips, apps, photos, and videos on their own sites and blogs, in their e-mail, or even on their own clothes. Social media marketing should push the posting of promo photos, reviews, and messages on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social networks.

Social Media Marketing & Publicity Options

CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC, can help you develop and implement effective programs ranging from the simple management of Facebook updates, Tweets, Pinterest pins, and blog content for your company to brand- or product-specific strategies and planning that coordinate with your other marketing and product development channels. Our service options include:

  • Social Media Marketing consulting, goal-setting, budgeting, and planning;
  • News/PR creation and distribution;
  • Program management, implementation, and management for one product or an entire company;
  • Development of a corporate, brand, or product presence on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, and other relevant social networks;
  • Integration of social media efforts into firm or business websites, communications, and product or brand launches;
  • Design and content creation for a brand, business, or division blog;
  • Loyalty, incentive, sales, or awareness programs—We can help you decide which is best for your company;
  • Contest designs and implementations;
  • Promotional product design and production;
  • Review site monitoring.

Seminar, Brown Bags, Speaker Series & Other Soft Sales Programs

Optimize face-to-face sales efforts with small group seminars and brown bags as well as speaker presentations to large groups. CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC, can help attorneys, consultants, and other service professionals research speaking opportunities as well as develop their own brown bag, seminar, and speaker series, utilizing a variety of low-cost and even free locations. Caroline can help you with all of your seminar needs, including:

  • Presentation content;
  • Development of sales & presentation materials;
  • Seminar promotion and advertising;
  • Event & site coordination;
  • Event promotional products, such as custom pens, notepads, and other give-aways;
  • Follow-up communications & surveys.

Caroline also offers significant experience in conference exhibit marketing and can help your business create an exciting exhibit booth environmnet, from working with booth vendors to developing signage and promotional products.

Social Media Marketing Policy Development & Program Training

Firm Principal Caroline Andrew offers social media training services for in-house marketing efforts. She also helps law firms, medical practices, and businesses develop social media usage policy or acceptable use policy, whether as separate agreements or as modifications to existing employee handbook. With more than a decade's worth of law firm and medical marketing experience, Caroline is sensitive to the sensitivity and limitations of legal and health care providers and can help practices develop both staff guidelines that take into account a variety of issues, including case strategy, privacy, and other liability matters.

As part of our policy development practice, we also offer a range of services designed to educate and empower your company's employees, including:

  • Policy education for employees and staff;
  • Training for in-house social media marketing efforts; and,
  • Teaching employees how to become brand evangelists.

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