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Successful Direct Mail Projects Start Here!

From 64-page catalogs and multi-insert mailers to postcards and newsletters, CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC offers nearly 20 years of expertise in direct mail marketing, including strategy, design, copywriting, list purchasing, customer data development, and production management. Our innovative strategy and creativity will boost your revenue and increase your response rate.

From preliminary design concepts through final press checks and post office drops, we make sure that your direct mail piece reflects the message you want to present to your customers in a design that reflects your image. Our projects are always original, never from templates. We take pride in getting to know our clients and in understanding their corporate philosophies and goals. We work with U.S.-based printing companies and support local printing firms when possible.

The many direct mail projects that we handle for Chicago area and national law firms, service professionals, associations, product merchandisers / catalogers, publishers, manufacturers, and others are:

We deliver direct mail pieces that strengthen your bottom line!


Reach out to past and current customers with regular company newsletters. A well-planned and professionally executed newsletter program generates repeat business, bolsters your client referral rate, and builds a brand image your customers recognize and trust.

While a newsletter is not a direct mail catalog, a well-conceived print newsletter can help you feature your business offerings through soft sell articles written for your customers' interests on a professional or personal level. Use a newsletter program to introduce new incentive programs or educate clients on changes in your industry which directly affect them. The options for creating a relevant newsletter program are truly endless!

Additionally, a client newsletter program increases your company's good-will. By investing in a quality newsletter, you are giving something of value to your clients. The value of a newsletter program is so inherently important that even today's catalogers are getting into the act, often adding articles and tips to their monthly or quarterly print catalogs.

We can help you create a winning newsletter program that will become a valuable tool in your marketing mix, integrate smoothly with the rest of your firm's marketing program, and fits your budget. Based on your budget, marketing plan, and goals, we can help you plan a monthly or quarterly editorial schedule, a 4- or 8-page product, and develop the best content for your customer base.

We offer custom design, expertly crafted content, professional editorial services, production management, and customer database consulting—all to produce an effective newsletter program that brings results. We can manage and implement all design, content, and production aspects of your newsletter program or develop an Adobe InDesign® template for you to use on your own.

Stay in touch with your customers. Call us today at (312)577-6972 for a free initial consultation and an affordable quote!



Today's mail recipients have less time, more mail, and a smaller attention span than ever before. Many B2B and B2C messages can be communicated effectively with a 4 x 6 or 6 x 9 postcard.

Cheap to print and cheap to mail, postcards address your customers' multitasked world: No envelopes to open, no cover letters to read. Your message is in their hands—all they have to do is look at it.

Postcards are perfect for reaching out to current and past customers and clients, testing lists for future mailings, announcing sales or changes of address, up-selling a particular product or service, and more.

    Our BOLD, CUSTOM postcard designs get your message across quickly and feature:
  • Full-color on both sides
  • UV-Gloss on Front, Matte Finish on Back
  • Mailing Services, including de-duping, ink-jetting, barcoding, postal pre-sort, indicia, delivery to post office
  • Mail List Consulting (opt.)
  • Minimum Print Run of 500

From concept and design through printing and mailing, we create postcard campaigns that deliver. Call us today at (312) 577-6972 to learn more about creating an effective postcard campaign.

Multi-Insert Mailings

For business-to-business, membership, and even business-to-consumer mailings, sometimes the best method of reaching out is the traditional enveloped mailing.

From the envelope and stationery design to sales letter crafting and production estimates, CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES is here to help you develop the most effective direct mail campaign. We are experienced in a wide range of enveloped or packaged direct mailers, including:

  • Envelope & package label design
  • Brochure design & content
  • Sales & membership letter copywriting
  • Promotional product design & production, from notepads and pens to reusable shopping bags and umbrellas
  • Postage estimates
  • Printing & mailing service estimates

Call us today for a free initial consultation and a project estimate: (312) 577-6972


At CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, we have nearly 20 years of experience creating custom B2B and B2C catalog designs—and we are dedicated to making great catalogs affordable. We develop a beautifully designed, strategically layed-out catalogs at cost-efficient prices.

    With fixed-rate pricing for catalog design, you will know exactly how much your project will cost. Priced by size and print run, our catalog packages include:
  • Product organization strategy
  • Graphic design & layout
  • Standard product image file editing
  • Final print files
  • Coordination with your printer
  • PDF press check
    Optional services include:
  • Copywriting
  • Production Management
  • Mailing List Consulting or Purchasing

Like our other products, we do not use impersonal, cheap templates in our graphic design process. We interview our clients about their target markets, industry, competition, and style and build a design suited to their goals and company image. We take pride in developing long-term relationships with our clients, so making impressive yet effective catalogs is our priority.

Call us today for a free initial consultation and a project estimate: (312) 577-6972