Marketing Strategy for
Chicago Professional Practices, Restaurants, Small Businesses, Associations

"Adapt the technique to your IDEA, not your idea to the technique."
— Bill Bernbach

Affordable Marketing Strategy, Planning & Consulting

No matter your practice, trade, or industry, 21st-century business growth demands strong marketing strategy and planning as well as professional execution. Marketing is more than building a website and hoping customers will come or lobbing one promotion after another down a sales channel. Successful marketing always requires insightful strategy and integrated quarterly or fiscal year planning for appropriate sales channels.

Experienced marketing consultant Caroline P. Andrew can help you stay ahead in today's business environment while also preparing for tomorrow's competition. With more than 20 years of strategic and project-based integrated marketing experience, Caroline can help your business successfully strategize, plan, and budget the marketing initiatives required to successfully achieve your sales goals.

Integrated Marketing

No matter in what industry or business you operate, Integrated Marketing is the best approach to planning and managing your brand and sales channels. Long gone are the days of a social media campaign not incorporating the direct mail or exhibit marketing channels into its planning. The efficiency and success of the unified messages of sales channels interlocking their programs and plans together like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle cannot be beat by any other marketing strategy and planning approach.

Among her many offerings in Integrated Marketing, Caroline will can help your business in the following areas:

  • Initial Integrated Marketing Strategy for Business Plan Development & Capital Funding;
  • Strategy Development;
  • Quarterly or Fiscal-Year Budget Development;
  • Quarterly or Fiscal-Year Integrated Sales Channel Planning, from publicity/social media to website and exhibit;
  • Strategy and Planning Gap & Needs-Based Assessments, including existing strategy, branding, and planning, as well as sales channels and promotions.

Project Analysis

From websites and catalogs to brochures, e-newsletters, and enveloped mailers, Caroline can help you increase the response rate and sales potential of your marketing projects.

  • Customer Database Analysis;
  • Logo & Branding review;
  • Website user experience (UX/UI), content, and design analysis;
  • Catalog, sales collateral, and other print promotion review, including user experience and user interface (UX/UI);
  • E-news, print newsletters, social media, and other direct CRM review;
  • Customer surveys.
  • Customer Service Review

    Whether you are a Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business enterprise, your human-to-human contact with customers is critical. Caroline can help you improve your customer interaction through a variety of reviews and gap/needs-assessments.

    • Customer Service script review;
    • Upselling initiatives;
    • Customer support response;
    • Secret shoppers;
    • Existing customer surveys.

    Marketing Management

    For businesses that do not have an in-house marketing department, managing and maintaining various website, social media, direct mail, and other marketing channels can be overwhelming. CAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC, offers marketing management and implementation for some or all of a firm's marketing channels and projects—relieving you of worry and giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Please e-mail Caroline or call (847)274-8567 for detailed information and a free initial consultation.

    What Is a Marketing Strategy?

    An effective, targeted marketing strategy is one of the most important tools for growing any business. The most successful businesses know more about their competitors than their competitors may know about themselves. These firms never stop gathering data that will help them succeed in the marketplace. And they use this information to reach new customers and retain existing customers.

    A complete marketing strategy addresses three basic issues: where you are now; where you want to be in the future; and, how will you get there. Successful marketers use their in-house data as well as industry and national economic trends to develop a corporate marketing strategy that meets the company's goals. Strategy also encompasses theory, corporate and industry trends and forecasts, and yearly planning while also addressing human resource needs and channel viability.