Professional Copywriting & Content Development

In any marketing tool, design may be the initial appeal—but content seals the deal. A good marketing piece offers good design and good copy. But a superior promotion features design and copy that work together seamlessly as one artistic and psychological accomplishment.

With more than 20 years of professional copywriting experience, Caroline P. Andrew uses her versatile writing skills to create messages that sell. In any marketing project, from websites to 15-second radio ads, the content must grab your target audience's attention, inform them, and finally, pull them to the point of sale. Caroline's successful copywriting is based on three main principles:

1. The Importance of Creating Compelling Content through Superior Writing
2. The Art of Design + Content
3. The Psychology of Copywriting

Sales-Driven Marketing Copy for All Projects—Just a few key changes in your existing sales letters, catalogs, or websites may be all you need to dramatically increase your sales!

Chicago Copywriting and ContentCall (847) 274-8567 today for a consultation. Ms. Andrew personally consults, edits, and writes for all projects including:

website content • blogs • print & e-newsletters • social media announcements & press releases • annual reports & corporate handbooks • fiction & non-fiction publications; • print ads • direct mail & catalogs • brochures • sell sheets & sales letters

Ms. Andrew's writing background is extensive, offering varied writing styles for diverse industries. Among the many industries and companies for which Ms. Andrew has edited and developed content and copy are:

• Chicago & Midwest Law Firms
• Chicago, Highland Park, Evanston & Northbrook, IL, LCSWs, Psychologists & Service Professionals
• Medical, Energy & Technology Consulting Firms in Chicago, Louisville & Washington, DC
• National & International Commercial & Industrial Companies
• The American Library Association, the American Hospital Association, the California Registered Veterinary Technicians Association and other national and regional not-for-profit associations.

When developing content for websites, Ms. Andrew creates copy that will not only appeal to prospective customers and existing clients but also search engines. Unlike content written by developers, though, Ms. Andrew's copy is informative, appealing, and natural—and does not sound as if were written for search engines.

Editorial Services

Copy & Content Editing, Style GuidesCAROLINE ANDREW & ASSOCIATES, LLC, can help you maximize the effectiveness of your website, catalogs, sales collateral, newsletters, and publications with professional copyediting and editorial services that eliminate spelling and structural errors and improve content arrangement.

During your project's content development phase, Caroline can work with your communications or marketing department to ensure conformity to your corporate style guidelines and to optimize the user experience. She also offers editing and content development that follows AP, University of Chicago, APA, AMA, MLA and other styles, and when requested, can create a custom style guide for your business or practice.

Caroline consults with all types of businesses on branding book development. Branding books are an essential component in the trademark registration process and often incorporate editorial style, font and color guidelines, and logo usage descriptions and regulations.